About Us

Evolving from my core values, the concept of LVN Life encapsulates my family and the active lifestyle myself and family seek out and enjoy every day.

The LVN LIFE brand is a way of inspiring others to simply just live and love life as I have. This simple mindset comes with many great memories and friendships along the way.

Humble Beginnings

I grew up on the north island of New Zealand with a big family. My parents would have been like every other who had big aspirations for the Maori kids; for their daughters to play for the Silver Ferns and the boys to play for The All Blacks. We know they loved us unconditionally, but I think they were a bit ambitious. Although we didn’t quite make it to that level, it is the fundamental life lessons and also the core values that really mean the most to me. 

Growing up, we were not the richest or the poorest, but we were humble with what we had. Family is an integral part of our culture which continually sparks my passion to spread the concept of LVN LIFE to the world.

I remember my mother and father constantly living their life with laughter; filling the air with great memories. It was the appreciation and zest for life that makes them inspirational to me. They gave my brothers and sister the knowledge we have today which is now entrenched in our core values as parents ourselves; respect, sportsmanship, compassion and to stay humble. The most important message that struck a chord in me was to not only enjoy my life but also to live it. Slowly I hope to share these values through my brand to also inspire others. 

Fast forward to the present. My wife and I have 4 beautiful kids who also motivate me every day to keep living and loving life. We constantly pinch ourselves in awe of our children’s great determination which awards them with great achievements. Without a doubt, just like other parents  - our life is busy; filled with highs and lows. Yet as parents, we aim to rise above and demonstrate to our children the beauty of living a life that is full; one whether the race is the pool, or in the boardroom you can always shake hands with your opponent at the end. After all, its the journey that is the prize - not who wins.

Living a Life to Inspire

You can take LVN Life as either LIVING or LOVING Life. To us, both are mutually exclusive.

To live life, you need to love it and to love life you need to live it. Our brand aims to inspire you to enjoy your journey and live the life you've got with purpose.

By wearing the LVN Life message, we hope you too can be someone else's motivation to come out of their comfort zone. It’s not about promoting an extreme lifestyle, as the simple act of smiling at a stranger is contagious. But it is about appreciating what you have and making the most of it.

The LVN LIFE process has been long coming and now that it’s here, do you want to join our team to just LIVE and LOVE life? If yes, then what are you waiting for!

 LVN Life Blue Mountains